Fossil Fuel Production, Economic Growth, and Climate

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Aleklett's Energy Mix

Information about Pardee Keynote Symposia

“Pardee Keynote Symposia are special, interdisciplinary events representing the leading edge of a scientific discipline or area of public policy and addressing broad, fundamental issues in the geosciences. Selection is on a competitive basis. This year’s thirteen Pardee Symposia were reviewed and accepted by the Annual Program Committee; all speakers are invited.”

At GSA, the Geologica Society of America, annual meeting in Denver, October 2013, the session no. 160 was chosen as one of the 13 Pardee Keynote Symposia. In total there are 407 sessions. In a few hours’ the following program will be presented at the Colorado Convention Center, Mile High Ballroom with James W. Murray as presiding:

1:00 PM Introductory remarks
1:05 PM Murray, James W.: Oil production, economic growth and climate change
1:30 PM Aleklett, Kjell: Darcy’s law and future flow of crude oil
1:55 PM Berman, Arthur E.: Let’s be…

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Sustainability: How Humans’ Economy Differs from Natures’

Our Finite World

A few years ago, I had an ah-ha moment when it comes to what we as humans would need to do to live in a sustainable manner. It is very easy. All we have to do is leave our homes, take off all of our clothes, and learn to live on the raw food we are able to gather with our own hands. We have a built-in transportation system, so that is not a problem.

Some animals are eusocial, that is, organized in away that allows for cooperative brood care and other joint tasks. If we follow that approach, we would get our extended families to join us living in nature, au naturel. We could then co-operate on tasks such as child rearing and gathering food.

Nature’s Provision for Order

Nature is organized in a number of ways that make certain that there will be modest change over time…

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