Now the world needs new energy systems

A very good summary of US shale gas industry future written by a worldwide specialist

Aleklett's Energy Mix

On December 9th, the day before the Nobel Prizes are handled out in Stockholm, there is a “Nobel Week Dialogue” in Gothenburg. This year’s theme is “Exploring the Future of Energy” and participating Nobel Laureates are presented by the organizers. My contribution to the dialogue is now published by Svenska Dagbladet on “Brännpunkt” under the heading “Now we need new energy systems” (Read the article in Swedish on Brännpunkt). An English translation of the debate article can be found below.

Eagle Ford night image

Now the world needs new energy systems

Kjell Aleklett, Professor
University of Texas at Austin and
Uppsala University, Global Energy Systems

NASA has just released a new image showing lights on the Earth’s surface at night. If one zooms in on Texas in the image it is easy to identify the cities of Austin, San Antonio and Houston. South of San Antonio one can see a banana-shaped formation…

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